Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is a world of devices connected together with the help of communication networks, sensors and applications. Developers at TuTi are deft in the forte of devices connected through cloud and applications for end to end IoT based solutions. These devices include handheld devices or heavy machinery or an entire workspace. We develop and deliver IoT solutions from small-boned to outsize enterprises, coherently.


Untangling Requisites To Render Virtuosity

TuTi experts are competent with the development of IoT based applications necessary for operation and communication of devices connected through this technology.

TuTi developers are specialists in making applications for interconnected smart devices and other IoT based equipments to convert them into robotics.

TuTi is expert in developing the connection gateways that are responsible for the communication between connected things through different platforms.

Security services by TuTi provide complete security solutions for this new world of connected smart things to protect from threats and unauthorized access.

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